Portable Power Station CHOETECH®️ 1000W 259200mA capacity

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  • can be used for outdoor camping, emergency rescue, field work and other applications.
  • to use city electricity, solar energy, car charger, etc. for charging 
  • The output provides sine wave AC AC100V-240V optional voltage,
  • DC voltage output at different ports of 5V, 13V, 24V,
  • supports 15W wireless charging function to meet the needs of different electronic products.
  • The system is also equipped with an independent MPPT function (solar controller), Type-c bidirectional PD65W.
  • The system has built-in 26700Ma power battery with strong output capacity

Product parameter.

Battery capacity: 259200mA/3.7V 959Wh optional
Cell model: ternary lithium ion 4800mA/3.7V
Adapter charging: DC25.2V/4A charging time 12H
Solar charging: DC12-30V/5A 100W-150W
Fast charging box: DC25.2V/15A charging time 3H
USB output: 5V/3A MAX
QC: 3.05V/9V/12V, 3AMAX
Type-c: PD65W
5521 interface: 13V/10A
Cigarette lighter interface: 13V/10A
Terminal: 24V/10A
AC output power: 100V-220V optional
AC output power: 1000W-2000W optional
AC frequency: 50HZ, 55HZ, 60HZ optional
AC waveform: pure sine wave
Lighting: lighting/sOS/strobe
Working temperature: 0-50℃
Long-term storage temperature: 0-35℃
Cycle times: > 500 times
Product size: 396×264×173mm
Product protection: short circuit protection/overcurrent protection/overvoltage protection/undervoltage protection/overload protection/overtemperature protection







35 reviews for Portable Power Station CHOETECH®️ 1000W 259200mA capacity

  1. NYAB

    Portable Solar Generator

    have had this for a few days now, it appears to work fine without any issues. also, its pretty lightweight and not nearly as heavy as it looks in the picture, so that’s a plus.

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  2. Mayra Algarin

    A must have for emergencies

    Excellent article

  3. Ahmed

    Great find

    This work really well! If you let it charge it did take about 4 hours to be fully charged. I used it while camping to charge small stuff. I used the lights to help at night and they worked perfectly! It only has the DC outlets and USB port but I was only charging phones and radios

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  4. Shay

    Love it!!

    It is very light weight which makes it that much easier to take camping but I couldn’t charge my phone off of it. Luckily I had a power bank that would charge off of it. What ever you put in the usb port be sure it will slow charge because of the 5v output. Ether than that it is great! Solar charge is conveniently fast and the lights are bright enough to make it look like daytime inside. Also something that I really enjoy is the radio!!! It is louder than expected!!

  5. JW88

    Good stuff!

    Two days after this arrived we had a storm and lost power for 3 days. This little thing came with a charge and kept our phones on, it’s a light in itself, has a flashlight on it, and the two lamps were so needed. Well worth the money. Charged in 6 hours on a sunny day. Totally great. Very small and lightweight. Even small enough for a backpack.

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  7. faizan

    Amazing device for the price.

    We were initially skeptical of the product for the price. My fiancé and I were going to Maine staying in a yurt with no electricity. However, we still wanted the comfort of being able to charge our phones and have additional light. It’s small, lightweight and comes with useful accessories. It came fully charged (a great bonus because it was delivered an hour before we were leaving). We used the Bluetooth speaker and both charged our phones. The solar panel charged the device with no issues. Hopefully it stands the test of time and we get some more camping trips out of it!

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  8. Daniel Johnson

    Great for camping!

    Great for camping. I use it at bike rallies I use one of the lights instead of a lantern. Works great. The one I bought is no longer sold now they are different.

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  9. tammi

    Backup power supply

    Up to date currently has worked somewhat to performance the radio system went out on it with really no use of the radio system or bluetooth. Amazon Shopper 2022

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  10. 1m777

    Every body needs one

    The best for emergencies

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  11. T Christopher

    Works Great

    It has been very useful for power outages.

  12. cheryl meyers

    This works great in my apartment

    I use this when my Electric goes out ,to charge my phone and the lights are great the cord are long enough to reach almost every Room and the radio works great too

  13. Law1977

    Amazing Small and Convenient. MUST HAVE!!!

    I adore this product. I use it outside in my canopy for entertaining friends and Family. The solar power feature is always amazing because I’m saving $$ not having to use power source. Also, I was very surprised to learn there’s a radio. Sound quality was very clear and loud. Awesome Product. Buying more for my family. Great Emergency kit.

  14. Jaimie Vigil

    Works very well.

    These were very decieving upon first look. When I purchased I thought they were big units, but the orange pack is only anout 10″. The solar screen double that. They look like cheap chinese imports but they work amazingly. The solar panel rocks and during power outage charged the unit in 30 minutes and then charged my phone to 100% in 30 minutes. The lights are super bright and there are so many light options. As well, a radio!! This would be awesome for camping and for power outage areas a must!! A little pricy, but in the end so worth it.

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  15. Leon Andrews

    It’s great for camping

    It’s light and it is great for camping keep the kids toy charged

  16. Johnathon

    Radio and lighting during power outage

    It works good for the radio. Even the speaker is ok for what this is. The lights work great and it can be used to charge cell phone. Does what I got it for and more.

  17. Zheny

    Love it!

    Love it!

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  18. Amazon Customer

    Does good when camping and when power goes out

    work really good

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  19. Frankie Beck

    Volume buttons are hard to use

    So far it has worked well. I haven’t had the chance to go camping with it yet

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  21. Cathey Rogers

    It was good did what I need Thanks.

    I wish it had plug for electric plug in,the others work good 👍

  22. Aimee

    Very handy. Would recommend.

    Used this camping. The lights worked awesome in our tent, also used to charge our phones.

  23. jeanne reed

    Camping Great

    Works fantastic, lights held up for 2 evenings of card games, very light, overcast skies when we went. Wish it had a regular plug in port

  24. Guilty Quilter

    Great gift

    This was given to someone who really thought it performed well. She was real happy with the added “storm preparedness”.

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  25. MM

    Love it

    Very impress 👏

  26. Maime Swindell

    My son loves it

    This was my son’s favorite Christmas gift.

  27. Quinita

    If you are thinking about buying it just buy it its worth it

    Pretty awesome so far. I would definitely buy more!

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  28. Martha Miller

    Very pleased Amazon ROCKS!

    This order was just what I need for my tiny senior apartment it’s little but strong. Thanks Amazon!

  29. Quality Seeker

    Thank you….

    This product is multifunctional…… Applicable in numerous ways…… I haven’t gotten the chance to test the solar part as yet but everything works this far……

  30. Jessica

    Good kit..Slow charge

    Wouldv been 5stars buttt.. does not fully charge in 6 hours lk it says more lk 10-11 hrs. I live in Tx the heat gets blazingly hot & very bright n sunny, still took all day to fully charge. Even with that my very small USB fan only lasted bout 3 1/2hrs 😕and that was the only thing connected. Another thing my solar panel only charged while its connected to the power bank outside together in the heat not just by itself lk it states. My only con really was the long slow charging. Other than that it does the job fairly well whisper quite,the light bulbs are bright, the flash lights are bright, came with a solar panel didn’t have buy separate and you can’t beat the price for everything that it comes with a

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  31. HAmad

    Good product

    Good compact for if, or when my electricity goes out and two bright bulbs that light the room quite well

  32. Celeste

    Yes yes yes!

    So excited about this, got it today in the middle of ANOTHER infamous Northern California PG&E power shutoff. Out of the box I was able to charge my phone to full battery very quickly and the lights that come with it were an added surprise. I will be buying more for Christmas gifts for other PGE power shutoff victims like myself (haha) as well as my family and friends who hike, hunt, camp, fish, etc. Such an awesome little tool to have! Buy it.

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  33. Sherlin Smith

    Nice back up.

    Used everything that was listedPretty cool little device

  34. MB

    Best bang for your buck

    This is an awesome product. Its great, lightweight, great value and powerful!

  35. siggy

    surprisingly good

    this does not look like a high end product, but it does what it’s supposed to do. i keep the included solar panel propped up on my widow sill. i use the sun to keep 3 iPhones and 2 iPads charged. built in lights are bright and the radio works pretty well. i bought a second one as a gift.

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Portable Power Station CHOETECH®️ 1000W 259200mA capacity
Original price was: 3,325 AED.Current price is: 2,300 AED.