“TAKDIR” Smart Robot Vacuum and mop Cleaner, 2 in 1 Vacuuming & Mopping,3200Pa suction power,TUYA App control

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  • It can simultaneously vacuum and mop to remove up to 99. 26% of bacteria on floors (study by Hygiene and Microbiology Research Center).
  • The Takdir Home app enables you to adjust the water level of the mopping.
  • With carpet detection, it automatically avoids carpets when it mops.




It can simultaneously vacuum and mop to remove up to 99. 26% of bacteria on floors (study by Hygiene and Microbiology Research Center). The Takdir Home app enables you to adjust the water level of the mopping. With carpet detection, it automatically avoids carpets when it mops.


Smart Navi 3. 0 enables it to efficiently navigate your home and map your floorplan to your smartphone using laser technology. The interactive map gives you the ability to choose how and where you want to clean. Utilize unlimited virtual boundaries, area mode, and custom mode to clean specific areas/rooms or to avoid others.


It can now save up to 3 different maps – perfect for multi-level homes and multiple cleaning spaces. When starts to clean, it will automatically recognize the saved area it is going to clean.


Alexa & Google Assistant voice commands.  Smart App comes w/ 5+ advanced features including direct control, scheduling, status updates, cleaning modes, accessories status, etc.



62 reviews for “TAKDIR” Smart Robot Vacuum and mop Cleaner, 2 in 1 Vacuuming & Mopping,3200Pa suction power,TUYA App control

  1. Mariam A

    You won’t regret buying this vacuum

    Easy set up, use is effortless and fun to watch! The vacuum does a wonderful job, just turn it on with the remote, and then you can focus attention on other things. Takes the chore out of keeping floors clean.


    Works very good!

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     Worked pretty good on hardwood and our rugs. Very quiet, didn’t even bother our dog. Haven’t tried the phone app yet, but the remote worked very well. One little hint, it will eat shoe strings and you will have to unattach it from shoes… LOL 

  3. RKnitt

    SOOO happy with this purchase

    We have 2 dogs who play in dirt and sand in the backyard. We were vacuuming daily and still couldn’t keep up. This has changed our quality of life – we just push the button and let it go. The phone app is fantastic. Once in a while it will get caught on something (that we shouldn’t have left on the floor). It stops. One feature on the app is to have it sound a signal so we can find it. I don’t even have to be home – I can set it to operate by using the app. I studied reviews on many products before purchasing. The Coredy R750 Robot Vacuum Cleaner not only functions perfectly, it was a great price. Love it!!

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  4. Edward EstradaEdward Estrada

    Great for household with pets.

    I decided to buy the Coredy R700 to help with my dog’s shedding. I have a Jack Russel and it works great at picking up her hairs (image attached). The Coredy R700 has powerful suction a good navigation skills. I have used it on Vinyl floors and carpet, and it gets the job done. The remote control and App are both easy to use and provides all the functions to the Coredy. So far, the only place the Coredy has gotten stuck in is on a pedestal fan with folding legs. The vacuum manages to get up on one of the legs and gets stuck. However, the stripes that are provided in the package work so that the vacuum does not go into places like those.At first my dog was suspicious of the vacuum and started barking at it, but after the first uses she got accustomed to it. The vacuum is fairly quiet on quiet and smartbooster mode. Only on max power can you really hear the machine, but even then, it is still not too loud. Overall, I would definitely recommend the Coredy R700 to household with pets or just as an extra source of vacuuming.

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  5. Angela

    Great Vacuum

    I’m really liking this vacuum. I had purchased a bigger, well-known name brand robot vacuum with a price tag of just under $1000. It had great reviews on Consumer Reports. That’s pretty much all it had going for it. In less than 6 months we had to send it off to be repaired as it would only go in circles. One of the wheels locked up. Less than a year later, it quit working again, this time refusing to “dock” at it’s charging station. It was out of warranty by a few days, so we would have had to pay for shipping it (it weighed about a ton) to the factory to even find out if it could be repaired. We gave up on it. Looked at lower priced vacuums, chose this one. It is excellent. Quiet, efficient, easy to empty. I am VERY happy with it the Coredy! 

  6. Sonia

    I love it! Powerful, and effective!

    It’s my new favorite gadget!!! I have two cats and on dog and boy is it a lifesaver, timesaver, and I highly recommend it!

  7. Yanela gonzalez

    Very easy to set up and it works wonderfully. Highly recommend it

    Very easy to set up and it works wonderfully. Highly recommend it

  8. Owen D

    I wish I would have bought one sooner.

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     This miracle worker is amazing. We have a large open floorplan on our main floor with several larger toys from our youngest spread out in our living area. Coredy navigates around them and our furniture with ease. We have it scheduled to sweep nightly since we have two dogs and two cats and every morning since we have gotten our Coredy, we have had no issues walking barefoot. 

  9. Abdullah

    Life is way better with this guy

    So far so good, he cleans up nicely and is quiet. Life is easier with this little guy.. his name is sweepy Steve in our house. Charges quickly.

  10. James Stewart

    Maintenance needed in less than a month.

    After pressing the start button and observing the automous process several times…I can’t help but notice that it misses spots 😕

  11. Nicole O

    Good Dumb Slug

    I’ve been wanting a robot vacuum that also did some mopping. I loathe cleaning floors, but it’s important that we keep up on it since we have a lab and a toddler and my husband works construction. When I found this one, I was a little skeptical about how it would work for the mopping. You do have to purchase the mop attachment separately. If you have relatively simple needs and don’t need a lot of features, this is a great option.It’s a “dumb” vacuum in that there are no app features/wifi/mapping. For me, that’s fine. I just wanted something that would run around my house (800 sq ft, with all laminate spare a rug) and vacuum up the dog hair and keep up on the daily cleaning for me. This does that wonderfully. I run it once I leave for the day and it’s almost always in it’s based when I get home. It’s gotten stuck on a boot mat we had that has a lip on it and on some closet door tracks. We moved the boot mat outside (helps keep the house cleaner any way) and keep the closet doors all closed now and it hasn’t gotten stuck since.As for the “mopping”, to be honest, it’s like a swifer wet jet. It dry sweeps as it goes around and then water trickles out the back onto the pad that attaches and it runs around, like a slug. I do this about 2 times a week when I’m home. I do half vinegar and half water. Seems to do a good job at doing some light cleaning. It doesn’t monitor the water level and won’t know when it’s run out, so I recommend you do this when you’re at home to keep an eye on the level. Also, get the pad fairly wet before you start it. It helps alot. The pad does sort of dry up over time, so rewetting it also helps with the cleaning. It takes more than one tank full to do our house. So I would recommend checking on it every know and then as you clean. I would also run the vacuum before you do this, the compartment for the dry sweep is tiny.TLDR: it’s like my husband; pretty simple to take care of and gets the job done well. Money well spent.

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  12. Debbie

    I was on the fence…Here’s my pros and cons. Information you need to make this purchase.

    I did far too much research into these robot vacs. After watching lots of youtube videos, reading up on everything, and not wanting to spend a fortune, this robot vacuum became my choice to try.It’s a LOT heavier than I realized. It’s powerfully built. Easy to set up, plug in, but I didn’t consider I’d need a space where it can easily return to without things getting in the way. I finally found the spot for it.I’ll tell you trouble and greats:Trouble: The thing beeped after starting to vacuum after 2 minutes. I dumped the tray. SHOCKED that it already had that much in it – and I vacuum. It kept doing it. I kept emptying the tray. I’d like to suggest the tray would be bigger but that’s not realistic cause the whole thing would be larger. It’s doing just fine now. It made me realize how much my reg vacuum had been missing.Trouble: Getting stuck. Luckily it beeps several times to let you know it’s stuck. It got stuck under the bed where it got tangled up with cords and shut down. I’m glad it does this. The cord was attached to something plugged in, and you don’t think about that cord being under your bed. Anyway, it got stuck under my recliner. It wedged itself up under there and it was not a big deal pulling it back.Great: EXCELLENT SUCTION! Cleaned better than my regular vac. I can’t believe all the dirt it picked up.Great: It’s super quiet. I don’t even hear it and sometimes it startles me coming up from behind and bumps my heel. I just move out of the way and love that this thing is doing my vacuuming.Great: I love how it returns back to the charging port when it’s tired.Great: We have not officially accepted “him” into our family and we call him ‘Monster’.Great: He’s not too heavy, and my 75 year old mother can lift and/or unwedge him from under the chair.Great: He cleans edges and corners AMAZINGLY. You won’t understand till you see this happen but the technology in these robo vacs are amazing; at least I was amazed.Trouble/Great: I was concerned about it not really cleaning every spot of the floor and that’s not the case. If you’re concerned, like I was, put a few confetti pieces around the room and you’ll see that he will suck them up.I gave this product 5 starts. I’d purchase again. I recommend it highly.I hope this information helps because I would have loved to have read a review like mine so it would have given me more confidence in making this purchase. 

  13. Ashley

    Great little vacuum!

    Great little vacuum. It is by no means a replacement for deep cleaning, but has extended out the time frame required for my deeper cleanings which is awesome. We have a chocolate lab and it picks up all his hair very well. This is also a house with 2 girls and it picks up our hair well too without getting jammed. I’ve used the little hair tool a few times too which works great for any hair that does get wrapped around the roller. It is basically like a small toddler and runs into the same thing over and over again (we’ve named ours Baby Yoda) but we didnt want to pay the price for one that had room mapping and it still cleans well with a bonus of the added entertainment so it’s great.

  14. ck


    I got this for Mother’s Day and I absolutely love it. I’m glad we didn’t buy the ones offered that are twice the price. It works great with the remote and the phone app. I love it alerts me if it gets stuck or sucks up something it shouldn’t. This has great suction power. We have 3 kids and 2 pets. We run it daily and have great results. The boundary strips provided are very helpful. I would buy more if you have a large home. It’s incredibly easy to clean so you can have it for a long time. I love the wet mop for my hardwood floors but it doesn’t work well with my deep grout kitchen tile. And since it doesn’t scrub we have spots that need to be cleaned again in the kitchen. That’s to be expected. I wish everyone could have one of these. 

  15. Ching

    Great vacuum with very reasonable price

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     I was looking for Robot Vacuum Cleaner for a while. My budget was under $400 for the product. I was pleasantly found this one and works quite well and seems to have pretty good suction. It’s also does a pretty good job transitioning from carpet to hardwood floor. Definitely happy with the purchase. Also the Corey’s has great customer service, Peter Fritz went above and beyond explain the product to me, he is very helpful.

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  16. Ken Kruse

    Game changer

    was skeptical at first on cleaning ability. Bought for in- laws but they forgot to take home to use. Rather than let it sit and not find out how it works we took it back to use in our home. All I can say is that I hope they forget we got this wonderful piece of equipment for them. I guess that I should keep an eye out for deals on this brand for our next purchase. works great especially for those under furniture places that you getto once or twice a year. It runs for 30 mins on one charge So plan accordingly. If you are doing carpet, read the manual So you can increase the default suction power from the factory default So glad these weren’t around for when. my kids we’re doing chores Would absolutely recommend getting one 

  17. Laura Clayton

    Game changer!

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     Can’t say enough good things about this vacuum! Worked as soon as I got it out of the box (by accident because you should give it a good charge first) Took a bit to connect to my phone, but only because I wasn’t using my glasses to see the wifi password! Sucks up everything I want it to including the extra dog food the mutts spread around. You know it’s running because of the noise, but it’s a vacuum. Animals have gotten used to it. It did escape it’s bounds one night and moved things around the dining room, laid a trap for my husband since he gets up very early to go to work and it was dark. But we had a good laugh. His name is Moe, from Wali😊

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  18. CAD PEN

    Excellent Product. Very pleased.

    The media could not be loaded.  This product is super quiet and functions better than our IRobot. Very pleased with this product and highly recommend it. 

  19. Elliot S

    Great vaccum

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     Awesome product.Ill start with negative, a little hard to setup on my Google Home. Instructions weren’t clear. I had to YouTube it a figured it out. Also when mopping it doesnt distinguish between hard floor and rug, so if you mop, take rugs out. Besides that this item is great. Has great suction power for dog hair. Very easy to clean afterwards. Great product

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  20. Kenneth

    This was the best purchase I have ever made

    It’s incredible and I LOVE it – this little guy does so much it’s insane. I save so much time because Coredy just does it all. I have a long haired golden retriever that sheds like crazy and Coredy vacuums up her fur like it’s nothing. I am constantly amazed with how much it picks up. I empty the bin every time it runs and it is always full of dust, dirt, crumbs, and hair. It shocks me because I run it literally everyday and it still picks up so much! Also, the bin is a great size, I just like emptying it out each time to be on the safe side.If you have any doubts about this robot – don’t. Just buy it. Trust me. It’s the BEST thing I have ever bought. I love it lol 

  21. Miss Peg

    it is a good product

    it does the jovb as expected

  22. Christal

    Great vacuum

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     I love this vacuum! I wanted to wait until I was fully able to see how well this was gonna work for me and let me tell you it’s great! I purchased a few other brands before this and returned due to a number of reasons.This robot was very easy to assemble. It came with a remote that allows me to set a schedule to run everyday at the same time. I like that it came with boundary stripes that allows me to block off my entertainment center so it can not get caught on my wires. This runs along the baseboards and furniture legs. It is very smart when it gets itself in a predicament on getting itself unstuck. I have a rug that is about an inch thick and has no problems getting on it as long as it goes at it at an angle. But when it comes to going from my stained concrete flooring to my bedroom carpet flooring it runs straight up and goes to town. It will run for 2 hours. 

  23. Zack

    Powerful motor and great design at a nice price point.

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     I am very impressed with this product. It comes with a powerful motor and great design at a nice price point. I am most impressed with its ability to maneuver around obstacles, as well as its ability to transfer seamlessly over various floor types, as seen in the attached video.The packaging is well designed and intuitive. Great visual quick-start instructions are included and setup is a breeze.Comes with a remote control to start cleaning sessions as well as schedule nighttime/away cleanings. Cleans best if you get the chairs and other objects off the floor, but can work around them if needed.Very pleased with this purchase and would highly recommend! 

  24. Sunnysgirl22

    Buy this model!! It’s SO quiet!

    Ok, so I finally jumped on the robotic vacuum bandwagon. I’ve been using this model since the end of September 2019 and I absolutely love it! I honestly cannot believe I had waited this long!!! I purchased this when it was on a daily deal ($99) and figured I really had nothing to lose if it didn’t perform to my expectations. My kids have all had their robotic vacuums (various brands) for several years. Well, I happened to be at one of my kids homes while she was running her vacuum. Oiy!! It was LOUD. As a matter of fact, it was so loud that we couldn’t place a to-go order on the phone! Btw-this particular vacuum was one of the more expensive models. Anyway, back to my bargain, I cannot be more pleased with it’s performance. I already bought the ‘mopping attachment’ and have been pleased with it’s performance as well. Granted, I only use this in between the monthly deep cleaning when the cleaner comes. I do need to purchase the boundary strips because I don’t want it to clean the various area rugs as I prefer to use a regular vacuum on those. Hope this helps!  

  25. just wondering

    Great, especially for price and first time use!

    My first robot cleaner. I was afraid to open it for 10 days because I’m neither mechanical nor digitally talented. But between the big cardboard Quick Start Guide and the very clear short manual, our Coredy was up and running in no time! I let it run on it’s own for the most part today. I did experiment by moving some bigger pieces of furniture that it couldn’t get under because they have barriers reaching to the floor (Lazy Boy chairs and file cabinet with wheels). So moved them back in place once Cordey took care of them. After Coredy ran for awhile, got the remote up and running but decided not to try it, but henceforth, will make use of it. It looks easy enough and has a lot of useful features. The floor was in need of some work and we have a short haired dog. That said — and not an issue — but periodically, Cordey dropped a small clump of dust and hair behind. It was compact and easy to pick up, (there was no dust residue after picking the clump up,) and dispose of. Cordey cleaned very well along edges of walls and cabinets. Last, but not least, Cordey started running 1 1/2 hours ago and is still running. I thought an hour was its max. So far, very happy with it. It was a 24 x 14 inch combo kitchen and “great room.” 

  26. C Hammond

    Love love this vacuum!

    One of the best investments we’ve made! This vacuum (aka” Little Guy”) has really been helpful in keeping floors cleaner and dust levels reduced for our allergies. It fits under most of our furniture and rolls over rugs easily. We use the blocking strips to keep the device away from outside doors and bathrooms (it gets stuck under the cabinets). It’s slightly noisy but tolerable. You definitely need to pick up wires, loose rugs and dog pillows before the thing runs or I may get stuck as it did on the first day. You can set the vacuum to operate at any time and for any duration. Definitely a great product and highly recommend. 

  27. Olena

    Coredy R400 Robot vacuum

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     Great vacuum cleaner, great money 👍

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  28. DeAnn Gray

    Good vac

    I bought this because I have new wood floors. I have 2 dogs that are both high shedders. Thus, I have to vacuum daily. I use this vacuum 4-5 days a week and the other days an upright vacuum.

  29. Amanda Willis

    My New Little Buddy

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     Had for a couple days now.. So far impressed with how quickly it learns and ability to navigate our complicated layout. It gets into places you wouldn’t think it could, and then it is able to get out after a little bit of effort. So far happy with this purchase and would recommend, especially if you can get it on sale like I did. 

  30. Che’

    Superb battery life

    I bought this as a Christmas gift for my sister who already had a Coredy that is several years old. She loves the new one, especially because on one charge, it will vacuum almost twice as long as the first one I gave her. She’s ecstatic. Note there is nothing wrong with the old one, she just happens to have a large house.

  31. Becca P-TX


    My son and bonus son have threatened to dismantle him… they think I like my vacuum more than I do them… I mean I might. This little bugger is AMAZING. He is random. Yes. He is not a high-end wifi, map your house robot… but if skynet takes over, I am safe and my floors are clean. I tried him on high pile carpet… That is a NO from him. He got stuck and cried. Did my son rescue him from his stuck position. NO, he left him there to die. See jelousy. I agree with everyone, you do need to pick up shoes, socks, dryer sheets (personal experience) and cords. He took out my table lamp a few days after I got him. 

  32. Nicole Campbell

    My little helper

    First time buying anything like this. It really picks up all the dirt off the floor. I bought it mainly for the mopping capability but i was sad to find out that i had to purchase those extra attachments separately. Nevertheless, this product has not disappointed me! I am finally playing around with it and will utilize the schedule option on this. I’ve waited a month before writing my review and I’m really pleased with this product.FYI i live in a townhouse and only use it downstairs. It probably circles the entire floor from door to patio door around 2/3 times before it needs to charge. I feel that’s pretty good as it cleans from corner to corner, underneath the couch, goes into the kitchen and all. It doesn’t like my kitchen mats though so i take that off the floor first before running it.Con: wish it had an app!! 

  33. Kindle Customer

    Good vacuum. Noisy

    This is my third vacuum. The first was a large clunky thing. The second was quiet, sleek. However, the side brush motors died at just under two years. So, I decided to try this brand. It cleans, but it’s noisy. I would forget the other one I had was running. This one is clunk, clunk, across tiles; and, it is aggressive when it encounters the wall or table legs. Hits pretty hard. It is cleaning up like crazy though! I am not interested in setting up the app. I only use when I am home. Good for money. Goes under furniture. You won’t forget it’s running.

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  34. wendy long islandwendy long island

    Totally happy with my purchase

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     This was my first robot vacuum purchase and I did some research before choosing this one. It had a decent suction power and was supposed to be able to transition well and was quiet so for $149 ($199 and a $50 off coupon) I chose this little bugger. I have to say I am really impressed! I have a multiple pet household and it does an amazing job! Don’t expect it to replace regular vacuuming but it has drastically cut down on my need to vacuum. I love it!Pros: easy to program and schedule Sleek and low profile Reasonably quiet especially on the auto program it picks up a bit more sound on the max settingIt really has not gotten stuck despite several decent thresholds in the houseIt picks up well it even picked up a stray nail I’d missed cleaning upBattery life is what is listed but on max power it’s only about 45 minsThe dustbin is adequate and holds an amazing amount of dirtWorks well on multiple carpet surfacesGreat for pet hairConsYou can’t schedule it for different settings like edge cleaning or program for the max suction settingThe dustbin is a little tricky to get back in placeThe directions say the wrong indicator colors blue is charged and in use and when charging it’s a pink flashing light not green.

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  35. Ahmad B

    Works well for the price

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     It has wifi at this price point! Its able to manuever around things fairly well and helps keep my floors clean.

  36. Sandra C Garay

    Must buy! Best vacuum for small or large homes!

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     This is the best robot vacuum I’ve had. So slim and fast. Works great with my Alexa. Great suction and remote control and app are easy to use. My house is spotless! Thank you for making such a great machine. Will recommend to all my friends and family! 

  37. Carolina

    A godsend.

    I have used these robots for many years and I just love them. I am an invalid and they are a godsend.

  38. Sharee Beasley

    I really liked it!

     I love it! I saw people complain that the stop strips do not work, but I tried it at the edge of a rug, and the vacuum stopped immediately and avoided that strip. It was also low enough to go under my couches and china cabinet. It does a decent job on my medium shag area rug, but not as great as my handheld vacuum. This robot is best used on low pile area rugs, hardwood floors and tile. It does well getting crumbs up from under my kids chair. Cleaning it was easy. The container pops out you dump it and slide it back in. The brush has only gotten tangled once on a paper towel it tried to suck up, but it easily let me pull it out. 

  39. Brandon

    Used on my wood floors

    Edit: 11/14/2020, 2 1/2 years later and it still runs great, I think I’ve only changed the filter once. Just clean the dust out of it every so often. The only issue I’ve had is the battery went dead about 1 year in. 15$ replacement on Amazon and easy to do. Still recommend!Pros:I don’t have to sweep or vacuum anymoreIt’s pretty quiet, even with max suction activated; I can turn it on in the living room while watching TV and not be botheredIt does a good job cleaningYou can spot clean!!You can even control it yourself if there’s a mess made somewhere, just like an RC carI WOULD RECOMMEND THIS, especially since it’s one of the cheapest you can buy and it performs so wellCons:Sometimes it needs to go over a spot twice or more to pick things up, which really isn’t a con because it does it for you. I haven’t once noticed dust or debri lying around after running him on auto mode.Of course, with any vacuum, automated or not, you can’t leave clothes, cords, or other objects lying around. This isn’t a con for me because it’s forcing me to keep my house even more clean by picking up things. ANY vacuum would not have a good time running over clothes or cords, let’s be honest.My one real con, is I’ve let him run while I’m away, and come back to find that he peeled up the corner of a (small & very thin) rug, and got stuck on it. Which is why I run him while I’m home, it doesn’t seem to happen that often though, only if he hits it just right. Even still, like I said, he’s not loud enough to bother me!RECOMMENDED! 

  40. Mommacita Disney

    Love it

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     It works great so far with my vinyl flooring, it goes everywhere around the house. For the price is so good…. 

  41. Carolyn Atherton

    Max the dog approves

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     My human constantly complains that I shed too much. I would just like to point out that she sheds just as much, but the problem is, she is too lazy to vacuum every day. This Christmas she bought herself this little robot vacuum cleaner. She calls it Rosie, after some cartoon robot that I’m not familiar with. It took a couple of days for us to figure out how best to use Rosie, but she has made quite a difference! 

  42. Maribel Silva

    Great vacuum and mop function

    I love having this and I’ve only had it two days! Most of my home is sealed hardwood and it gets dusty really easily. It can run for over an hour if I want it to. It works easily with my Amazon Echo and Alexa devices (my many Echo Flexes, Echo Dots, and Echo Show) as well as my phone through the app. I love that I can control it via the remote and my phone. The mopping function is great, better than using a Swiffer type of mop but not as good as hand mopping, however I love that I don’t have to do the mopping and allowing it time to do several passes seems to get the job done seemlessly. It picks up a lot of dirt and fine particles and does very well on the edging. The suction power is great except it doesn’t really do well with larger particles in carpets or wood and I’ll have to hand pick that up or use broom. It makes little noise and you can hear it when it’s on max power but it’s not that bad. Over all I am super satisfied with this and glad I bought it because it will save me a lot of time cleaning since I work long hours and would rather spend the time with my husband and kids than sweeping and mopping. 

  43. MissClaudine

    Great Buy!

    So I didn’t want to leave a review until I had it for longer than a day. It’s been a little over a week and I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. I bought it because it had amazing reviews and the price was not outrageous. It’s easy to use, the app is easy, and it’s easy to clean. My husband didn’t want to purchase it because he said they’re pointless because we have a Kirby. I bought it without telling him until it got here… he was extremely impressed and glad I bought it 😉 

  44. danny casesa

    Love the RF 400

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     It’s an amazing vacuum! The mopping features are top notch. Does not scratch my molding and is very efficient. I will recommend this to family and friends. Also Peter was very helpful as well when I call asking a question for programming it. A wonderful service experience.

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  45. Lj

    Great and practical!

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     I am a huge fan of the Coredy robots! I have given them away as gifts to multiple friends and family members and I have two of my own in my house. This particular style has great section and moves around to get every last crumb. It’s more simple than other models, but I love that. Customer service is Always amazing too, if you ever have a question or issue they’re ready to resolve it. Ive worked with Peter Fritz and he always comes through!

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  46. Kimberly A Anderson

    This is better than I expected!!

    We first bought one a few weeks back for our daughter it had been on a lightning deal , before giving it to her we gave it a try for our downstairs area rugs and hardwood floor which I feel like could be swept three times a day with two cats. We were so impressed by how quiet it was and how long it ran. This ran a full two hours on a full charge and then goes back to docking when battery is getting low. When we opened it to clean it we were amazed at the pet hair that it had picked up from under the couch and areas you don’t get to all the time. We were impressed with it’s ability to sweep things from the corners with the little sweepers that are attached. For the price this is a great find and it is lower in height than some others we looked at , so it can easily get under couches and buffets. We loved it so much we went back and bought one for ourselves. We didn’t get the lightning deal price but this is a fair price for what this little machine can do. We are so glad we purchased it. By the way it does great on my hardwood floors.

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  47. wonderful

    I am super pleased with this product! I read some bad reviews, but took a chance and am very happy that I did!! It works well on tile, going over rugs in the kitchen and area rugs in the family room. Super cute and cleans quickly!

    5 people found this helpful

  48. Kristina C.

    Excellent robotic vacuum!

    I was hesitant to buy this vacuum because I’d never heard of the brand and I’ve always had the Roomba brand of robotic vacuums. It did not disappoint! In fact, so far I like it much better than the Roomba vacuums I’ve had. With the coupon it was a third of the price of more expensive vacuums and it works fantastically. It consistently runs for 120 minutes on one charge, has great navigation abilities and is very easy to clean and maintain. It hardly ever gets stuck under furniture, corners of bathroom rugs, etc. like my Roomba and it’s homing mechanism to find the charger is excellent. My home is a little over 2600 sq. feet and I have a long haired cat so pet hair is always a battle. I have it where it has access to about 2000 sq. feet of the house and running this vacuum once a day is keeping my floors very clean and free of cat hair. It worked so well I bought another one for the rest of the house and I’m considering purchasing another as a gift. Great vacuum! 

  49. Ravn

    Great Vacuum!

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     Michael helped me to connect the robot with the wifi! He also had great customer service! And explained everything so easily! I appreciate it! Thanks Michael!

  50. Frank V.

    This robot is awesome

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     This robot is fantastic. It has a terrific price and works great. It has a low profile and goes to more places my roomba did. We have 6 dogs and it picks up way more hair and debris compared to my roomba. The dust bin container is huge and works better then had before.For the money this is the best deal out there. On top of that it’s a little workhorse that picks up everything. You can’t go wrong with buying this product. Love it👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    74 people found this helpful

  51. Amazon Customer

    Great suction and very quiet! A+++

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     The end of our pet hair problem! Ran this over our main living room and the amount of stuff it picked up was just amazing! Excellent suction power and very quiet when running. We call our robot friend Andrew and he is a welcome and useful addition to the family. It’s so nice to come home to clean floors every day. Andrew has performed flawlessly so far. The only problem we have had is he got stuck one time and beeped to let us know he needed help. We rescued him and he went right back to work. Wish my children cleaned this thoroughly! Lol!! Right out of the box we ran through the Quick Start guide and had Andrew up and going with no issues! This was a great purchase and I would not hesitate to purchase this same robot vacuum again.

    95 people found this helpful

  52. Shaikah

    Great value for the price

    لم أكن متأكدًا من هذا ، لكنه نجح بشكل مثالي بالنسبة لي. أنا بحاجة إلى الإفراغ عدة مرات خلال الدورة ، اعتمادًا على شعر الحيوانات الأليفة ، وما إلى ذلك … أوصي بشدة.

  53. Vickie L. Thompson

    Good value

    Works great just wish that it memorized rooms or stayed in the room longer. I do live on one floor so that is a plus.

  54. RagsGirl

    This is amazing!

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     Love love love this Coredy! Runs all over picking up things we thought we had vacuumed up! Wife has allergies but this vac is keeping all the dust and dander at Bay. Awesome 👍 

  55. Christina Velazquez

    Best investment EVER

    I have a Husky and two cats so I spent a lot of time, money and energy in trying to find a way to keep my floors clean. Finally I decided to give this robovac thing a try and it’s the best investment I’ve made in a long time! It’s quiet and keeps my floors looking clean and dust (hair) free. I run it twice a day and am still amazed at just how much hair it’s picking up (I’m a little grossed out). The mopping feature was icing on the cake for me. It’s not a “smart” vac cause it definitely does a lot of bumping into furniture and still hasn’t mapped out a route which I think isn’t one of the features anyway. So if you don’t mind a few thuds while it vacuums or mops I highly recommend it!! 

  56. Cheddar

    Buy this one, it is wonderful

    I waited a long time to write this review due to the fact that I had purchased a less expensive robot vac before this one and it died within 6 months. I live in a home 1600 sq ft or so, not too big but I have pets and children so this little thing has to work hard to keep up with the hair and crumbs and let me say I am beyond happy. Having experienced the death of one robot vac I called the customer service line when this one stopped working for a bit. Long story short, I was delighted by the service, the rep was very kind and professional and completely dedicated to helping me. He talked me through trouble shooting and my vac was back to work.Of course this little thing works like crazy and removes a nearly shameful amount of hair and dirt from my floors daily. It also glides seamlessly over rugs onto the wood floors.I searched long and hard for this one and I am very glad that I made the right choice. Get this one. 

  57. AS

    Very Easy installation ans easy to use

    Love my coredy, it is very easy to use n cleans my floor perfectly..

  58. Pat C

    Works great!,

    Super easy to set up and does a great job on both tile and carpet. Definitely recommend!

  59. CJones22572

    Great suction

    Pretty much everyone I know has jumped into getting a robot vacuum and now that the price has gone down I decided to take the leap. WOW! I don’t know how I lived without this. We have dark walnut hardwood thru-out the first floor and it shows EVERY crumb, hair, particles of dust –it’s horrible, who knew. I basically just kept my little dustbuster out 24/7 and would walk around in the evenings and to pick up the fall out from the day. With the Coredy we just set it to go off during the day and when I come home everything is clean. It goes under end tables, beds etc–all the places you intend to vacuum, but rarely do. I do empty the bin after each use because it is full, which means it’s working well! Highly recommend. 

  60. Sher

    Good for the price

    Not smart but I don’t care. Perfect for day to day pick up in the kitchen while I’m making dinner. No brainer for working parents

  61. Francis M

    I love my robot.

    I love my robot makes my life easier every day, it is a good investment I have a dog at home and it has helped me a lot with that, it is excellent for people who have pets at home.

  62. Kelly

    Love it

    We bought a 380, was great. We bought a 400 even better. Bought another 400 for Grandma, she loves it. Does everything but dusting of baseboard on top. It cleans the floor very well. You’ll be happy you purchased one. We are.

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