Reusable Refreezable Ice Cubes with Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel

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  • Our cold whiskey Cubes are durable, reusable
  • BPA free, easy to wash, and clean. Made from material that won’t rust or corrode and that holds a cold temperature incredibly well.
  • Widely used as wine ice cubes, stainless steel cubes for drinks, drink ice cubes reusable, wine cubes chilling stones, whiskey ice stones, whiskey cubes stones, sipping stones, stone cubes for drinks, cold rocks for drinks, whiskey stones cooling cubes.


[The Larger Bulk]

The Better Cooling Effect: Cools down drinks fast, 2.5cm Size, which is BIGGER than the regular size, 2 pieces is enough to hold down a big glass of drink.

[Food Grade Stainless Steel Ice]

Our cold whiskey Cubes are durable, reusable, BPA free, easy to wash, and clean. Made from material that won’t rust or corrode and that holds a cold temperature incredibly well. Widely used as wine ice cubes, stainless steel cubes for drinks, drink ice cubes reusable, wine cubes chilling stones, whiskey ice stones, whiskey cubes stones, sipping stones, stone cubes for drinks, cold rocks for drinks, whiskey stones cooling cubes.

[Non-Melting & No Dilution]

Just simply put these wine chillers in whiskey, cocktail, scotch, vodka, beer, wine, coffee, you name it! These reusable ice cubes for drinks can be chilled to keep your drink cold to the last drop. Completely non-porous and won’t add any needless flavor to your drink, make you can sip a chilled spirit slowly to your heart without worrying about dilution anymore.

[Perfect Gifts & Wide Range of Usage Scenarios]

A stylish and luxurious appearance can make it a luxurious gift for your family and friends. Perfect whiskey stones gift set for most holidays, such as Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, New Year, etc. Can be used at the home, office, and at parties to enjoy a relaxing time. Also used for sprains on the body, bring down a fever, can be applied to cold, and help to reduce swelling.

[What’s in Box]

8 Cubes-shaped whiskey stones, food-grade storage cases, one gift box. Chilling your drinks with our TECHSOUK ice cubes.


New Cooling Way

Each Metal Ice Cube has a mixed liquid material inside. Unparalleled in its power, the proprietary technology offers a fast, long-lasting chill, unlimited uses, and an extremely lightweight nature. All this while adding ZERO dilution to your favorite drink.

Food Grade Stainless Steel

These whiskey stones use food-grade non-corrosive 304 stainless steel, durable, reusable, never rusted or corroded, the surface is very smooth and does not add any impurities to the drink. They are easy to clean and store. After use, they only need to be washed with water and put into a plastic storage case.

Stainless Ice Cubes for Pain Relief

Extra function of Metal Ice Cubes

Applying ice can help ease pain by reducing inflammation, and is a useful tool for everyday pain management. Ice is typically most effective when used shortly after pain begins. Many people find it beneficial to apply ice after activity or exercise, in order to calm swelling and reduce muscles spasms caused by overexertion.

81 reviews for Reusable Refreezable Ice Cubes with Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel

  1. Enrique Rodriguez


    My dad love it.

  2. irishfrog

    Perfect to chill a drink

    Perfect to chill a drink without watering it down but will not keep it drink cold perfect for liquor

  3. TruthBeTold

    Nice ice!

    I use these with my kombucha to keep it cold without diluting it. Makes the cup heavier but it’s fine. Love them!

  4. Karl Schucholz

    Better option then ice

    Great accessory to your whiskey or any liquor collection! Keeps it just the right coolness without watering it down.

  5. sam

    Bloody love them

    Love them even come in little freezer boxes so the dont get lost in the freezer. And they dont water down my rum 😁

  6. Aung

    It works slowly

    Takes a bit long to cool down your beverage. I wish it would work faster but maybe that is how it works.

  7. Tina Arseneau

    ice cubes

    They are heavy and sink to the bottom. I purchased them for our cocktails in the evening. We don’t drink whisky, but they keep the drink cold and don’t dilute the drink. On an RV space is tight and don’t have a ice maker.

  8. Kim

    Gets the job done!

    Got these for soda, ironically enough. Who likes watered down soda? Or any drink for that matter. Anyways, they get the job done… And quickly! They are easy to clean, we just throw them in the dishwasher in the little compartment that closes so it doesn’t whirl around in there. The one and only thing I don’t get is when I’m almost done with my drink and they almost hit me in the face.

  9. Markus H.

    Einfach nur genial

    Sehr hochwertiges Aussehen und Verarbeitung

  10. Lisa daidone

    Would Order Again

    Very n ice product and would order again.

  11. Sasa Stijovic

    Fancy and useful

    Nice and fancy cubes. Good to not putting the water in your whiskey:)

  12. Shawn

    Definitely recommend!

    The product came as described and works great! Lately I’ve been moving to mugs & tumblers that are double wall insulted to keep my drinks cold/warm for a long time. Those cups are also great for preventing ice from melting too quickly and watering down my drinks. But not always do I want to drink out of a mug or tumbler, so when I drink out of a regular cup, these ice cubes help prevent the drink from becoming watered down which is exactly what I wanted! These keep your drink cold without giving your drink a nasty watered down taste, plus they look a lot cooler than traditional ice cubes!

  13. Shopsalot

    Great gift idea.

    Was a gift. The recipient thought they were great.

  14. Jade Ward

    Great Gift

    Bought these as a gift for my husband and he loves them. I’m buying him another set for his bar.

  15. Jess Mulatto

    Best way to enjoy your favorite drinks

    Have to say, I was not disappointed with this product at all.Always liked the idea of the whiskey rocks and such because who likes watered down liquor? My biggest concern was always having the taste/flavor set in the stones and make them unusable over time. When I saw this I knew it was the perfect solution.Stainless steel ice cubes work great at chilling and keeping my drinks cold. They look amazing with a good weight (and I don’t have to worry about them breaking). There’s also the matter of no more spilled water in the freezer or weird shapes made from the tray not sitting level.Granted I don’t think the tongs are something I *needed* for this, but they’re nice to have and add a classy touch.Would recommend for anyone looking to add some style to their nightcap!

  16. Carolann Jaeger

    keeps your drink cool without ice cubes

    I bought it to keep wine cool without ice

  17. oreoscott84

    didn’t water down my whiskey

    i’m an avid whiskey drinker and have been wanting to try using stones for some time. these were reasonably priced so i gave them a shot and i’m not disappointed! they get very cold within about an hour and keep your drink nice and cold. They are easy to clean, just make sure you let them sit till they aren’t cold anymore and they wash right off! they don’t affect the taste at all which was my biggest worry! highly suggest these!!!

  18. Donnyleone

    Keine kühl Leistung

    Bin enttäuscht kann mit normalen Eiswürfeln nicht mithalten, einziger Vorteil es ist kein wasser im drink würde ich nicht mehr kaufen.

    One person found this helpful

  19. Axl-Rose

    Work well

    Keeps from diluting the drink

  20. darltex

    Like it

    Chills drink for a decent time

  21. Nick

    They dont last long for cold if using a bigger glass than shown

    I liked this product just wish they would hold cold for longer period of time

  22. Mario Hillen

    Nicht optimale Kühlleistung

    Die Kühlleistung liegt definitiv unter der von normalen Eiswürfeln auch bei verhältnismäßig gleicher Größe aber da sie endlos wieder verwendbar sind sind sie als Gag und weil sie das Getränk nicht verwässern auf jeden Fall zu empfehlen.

    3 people found this helpful

  23. elizabeth singelis



  24. Tim Oliver

    Gut gekühlt

    Das Produkt macht einen Hochwertigen Eindruck. Die Würfel einfach ins Eisfach legen und nach ca 2 Stunden kann man damit seine Getränke kühlen. Nach gebrauch einfach abwaschen und zum Wiederverwenden ab in Eisfach. Ich habe schon ein Zweites Set bestellt und verschenkt. Es ist sehr gut angekommen.

  25. rdhny

    So cool

    Included these s s ‘ice’ cubes in a Whiskey raffle basket. Great idea, wont water down drink.

    One person found this helpful

  26. Karina


    These ones cool and chill. They kept the liquor chilled much longer. These ones were by far the guys choice. So much so we ordered 4 more packs.

  27. Hailey Tinkey

    Great present for a Whiskey drinker!!

    Got this for my Grandpas bday. He loves them!! It comes with little tongs and polishing rag as well! 10/10 recommend

  28. jayarek

    Nifty gift

    I like the cubes. Would be nice if there was a decent small container that was included so they could be put in to put in the freezer, taken out and not have to be touched with tongs or fingers.By the way, the tongs are not that great. They don’t get a good grip on the cubes.

  29. Jo

    It ‘s ok

    Not as good ,as I thought, but it does the trick

  30. Yvonne Watkins

    This item works great!!!

    Purchased for my Husband to chill his spirits & he loves it that his drink no longer gets diluted from melted ice.

  31. Amazon Customer


    Good for what they are for.

  32. Troy Jay


    Perfect with the Whiskey glasses

  33. Noel

    My friend loved it, especially for using in the shaker so …

    Given as an Xmas gift along with a cocktail shaker. My friend loved it, especially for using in the shaker so the mixed drink won’t get diluted while waiting to refill someone’s cup. These came with a clear clamshell case to keep everything together in the freezer. The case is somewhat flimsy, but won’t see much abuse either. Awesome product, would definitely purchase again.

    2 people found this helpful

  34. Charles

    Works Great

    Stainless steel, they hold their cold enough for two “neat” drinks.

  35. CandyDroplets

    Worth it

    Easy to use easy clean they get very cold. I’m honestly thinking of getting more but if u don’t use ice to much in ur drinks this should be enough but if ur like ice cold might want more cuz they take a min after cleaning to get back to cold temp. But over all Worth!

    One person found this helpful

  36. Johnny Xmas

    Stays Cold!

    These actually stay cold through a couple of drinks, unlike most stones

    3 people found this helpful

  37. BillyRay

    They stay cold

    Reviewing the Kollea Stainless Steel Pack of 8 Reusable Ice Cubes Chilling Stones with Tongs & Freezer Storage Tray for Whiskey Wine. I put one of these in my 16oz Bubba cup and add 3 oz brandy. I swirl it around then add my chilled beverage. After I finish my drink an hour or so later the cube is still very cold. I use two when using room temp mix.

    One person found this helpful

  38. marli

    Stays cold!

    Awesome product! StY cold for a long time!

  39. BGBNK


    They work for me

  40. JAH Vitoba

    Dilution Solution

    Works great in Coleman 40oz thermos for ice water. 8-12 cubes

  41. Heather Atwood

    Really great item and would make good gift!

    Really nice product! Came in a box that can be put in freezer, and they are small enough that it will fit in most glasses.

  42. J Deyarman

    Do what they are designed to do

    These are great for keeping a cold drink cold. I see several reviews complaining about not cooling drinks down…these will cool drinks down just not to what people may be used to from using ice cubes. I like these for white wine as they don’t add water. Once the weather turns warmer, I will use them for my tea.

    One person found this helpful

  43. Garrett

    Good, don’t work for too long

    These work great with pre-chilled drinks. They will keep a drink cook for awhile, but not as long as regular ice. (Regular ice water your drink down though! Hence, these…)

  44. Carl

    Good for the price.

    Keep the drink cool. Clean up is easy, just put in dishwasher.

  45. Karran Chattergoon

    Great gift or just dope item for everyday usage

    I thought they were gonna be too small but product was of same dimensions of reg ice cube. Definitely recommended

  46. Randy

    They will meet your expetations!

    Work as promised! Thank You

  47. Jan

    Nach Kurzer Zeit Kaputt

    An sich sehr gut. Kühlleistung ist ok. Leider sind sie noch kurzer Zeit undicht. Ich habe leider wenig Lust den Inhalt der Würfel Mitzutrinken…. Fazit: Prinzipiell gut, Qualität leider Mangelhaft

  48. Margaret

    Very classy

    Loved these stainless steel ice cubes they look very classy in my Scotch

  49. Donna Hover

    Always cold with no watered down taste.

    Fun ice for your white wine spritzer.

  50. Tanya

    True to description

    True to description and work well!!! I love them!

  51. Emily W.

    They work well!

    Very easy to use and they work very well. Obviously doesn’t get quite as cold as fast as ice but for cooling a drink you don’t want diluted they work great. If you want it colder add another cube.

  52. DOB

    Perfect for any drink…

    Great product, holds it’s chilled temp perfectly… Also leaves no taste in your drinks…

  53. Aurora

    Classy, fun solution to watery drink woes.

    The tongs are kinda flimsy, but other than that they are perfect. Love the box, love the look, love the size of the cubes themselves.

  54. Jennie

    Good Gift

    Bought this as a get for a friend. I liked that it came in a plastic case and with tongs. Usually I see these just come in a pouch and thought it was weird to put a velvet pouch in the freezer. My friend said he likes them and they work well.

    11 people found this helpful

  55. Cheryl Wash

    Gets drinks cold and keeps them cold!

    I got these for my friends who loves his whisky cold but hates it watered down. These work amazingly well and one day in a pinch even cooled my water to ice cold when we were out of regular ice and kept it cold for many hours! I will be buying several more sets for my friends—and myself!

  56. John m.


    These do the job, but I would recommend getting the extra large size. They’re great if you like your whiskey, Scotch or bourbon on the” rocks “… However this size is a little small and don’t chill your favorite adult beverages quickly

    2 people found this helpful

  57. Gerald Durishan

    As Advertised

    I use these when I cook vegetables sous vide. I place these at the bottom of the bag then add the vegetables. The cubes help keep the vegetables submerged in the water bath.

  58. Amazon Kunde


    Geschmacklos im Getränk.Gut verarbeitet, Haltbarkeit hoffe lange werden wir nach dem Sommer sehen

  59. Raffael

    Alles perfekt

    Alles perfekt.

  60. Deichwanze

    Funktionieren bestens aber sind für dünne Gläser natürlich nicht geeignet

    Funktionieren bestens, sehen toll aus aber sind natürlich für dünne Gläser nicht geeignet.

    One person found this helpful

  61. Tamara22


    Sehen toll aus, immer 4 stück sind in kleinen kunststoffboxen so sind sie immer schön aufgeräumt und kühlen schaffeb sie auch super, nehme sie gerne spontan her

  62. Tamrin Bradford


    Love these and doesn’t water down my drinks

  63. Todd Prace


    Exactly what I needed in this heat!

  64. Tom T

    They don’t water down drink’s.

    Love them going to order more.

  65. Vanessa


    Got these because my S.O. kept complaining about watered down drinks. I shopped around and felt metal was the most functional and safest for our glasses. These are so simple to clean after use. They even come in a little storage case to keep them clean in the freezer.

    One person found this helpful

  66. lynette

    GREAT packaging!

    when I decide its time to have my evening tea it is nice to pop these Chilling Cubes in my cup and I can cool it down much more quickly without diluting the tea. They clean easily and the cute packaging includes a pair of mini tongs. Recommended!

  67. Rob Bournival

    Five Stars

    Christmas present.

  68. Miranda H.

    Good gift

    Came in a nice box and easy to clean. Made a great gift but had a few minor scratches/scuffs on a couple of them

  69. Rosi

    Kein Verwässern der Getränke, leicht einsetzbar

    Kein Verwässern der Getränke, universell einsetzbar für alle Getränke, leicht zu verwenden, da kein Herauslösen aus Eiswürfelbehältern, schnelle Entnahme aus dem Tiefkühler durch die kleinen Aufbewahrungsboxen, einfach zu reinigen unter fließendem Wasser

  70. Charles Jennings

    They’re chillin’

    I have not had a chance to use these yet since it’s been winter here in Minnesota! Ice is everywhere!Soon… hopefully soon!

  71. JANICE

    A really nice gift

    I bought these to put in my lemonade for the summer. I use lemon tea bags — no sugar — and the ice cubes. Really nice. Doesn’t get watered down.

    One person found this helpful

  72. Chelsie

    Nice !!

    These are AWESOME. I’ve had standard whiskey stones before that came in a draw string bag. These top it ten times over. Not only are they stainless vs a porous Stone, they also come in a nice little container WITH a closing lid that keeps them clean. The container allows these to be stackable and or moved around in the freezer without all of them toppling out. Also the set of tongs is a nice touch.

  73. Dale B.

    Waterless Icecubes

    Very nice to add to drinks that you don’t want watered down.

  74. Meronica Hall

    Perfect gift!

    This set made my husband day. I got this for him for his birthday and it was perfect!!!’n

  75. James D Dennis

    They Work

    These work as expected, it’s not ice but they lowered the temperature of the drink without watering it down, Don’t expect it to cool like ice and you’ll be fine

  76. Bernd Nopens

    Edelstahl Eiswürfel

    Wie beschrieben da Edelstahl geschmacksneutral

  77. CorradoCorrado

    Il contenitore è rotto e 4 cubetti non freddano

    The media could not be loaded.

     Glia evidenziato il problema ma nessuna risposta la mia mai

  78. RavenArcher


    Best when liquids are cold first, then keeps your drink cold.

  79. M. A. P.

    Highly recommend the full set you won’t regret it!

    Surprisingly enough I was very pleased with these cubes, in fact I would recommend the full set. They hold a chill surprisingly well and they add a lot of class to you party beverage of choice without watering your drink down. So far so good!

  80. KADW

    This item works.

    This item works. I live in the Caribbean and it is able to keep my already chilled white wine cool. It was also able to give my red wine the right temperature

  81. Kitty cat


    Very easy to clean

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Reusable Refreezable Ice Cubes with Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel
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