Vegetable Slicer Cutter & Chopper for Kitchen, with 3 type of blades

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Compared with regular mandolin, our Safe Slice Mandoline Slicer is safer and more convenient to use. The unique design prevents your hands from getting close to the built-in blade -No more worrying about slicing your fingers! The vegetable slicer is made of food-grade ABS and stainless steel, BPA-Free, to provide you with healthy meals.






More Safer

Compared with regular mandolin, our Safe Slice Mandoline Slicer is safer and more convenient to use. The unique design prevents your hands from getting close to the built-in blade -No more worrying about slicing your fingers! The vegetable slicer is made of food-grade ABS and stainless steel, BPA-Free, to provide you with healthy meals.


the veggie slicer chopper cuts perfectly-even 2mm or 4mm thick slices while also offering two different thickness julienne blades(3.5mm or 7mm), suitable for vegetables, potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, limes, fruits, frozen meat(without bones). NOTE: Large fruits or vegetables need to be cut in half or quarter to fit the veggie slicer!

Easy to use & clean up

The veggie cutter is easy to set up, use, and clean up. The little brush included reaches everywhere that needs a scrub. The compact design of the vegetable chopper makes it fold up to take up very little counter or cabinet space. -The perfect kitchen gifts for people who like to cook!

Humanized Design & More efficient

The non-slip design at the bottom of the food container can make the mandoline slicer stand steadily on the table when slicing. The push-type design allows you to complete the slicing work easily and efficiently. This kitchen gadget makes meal prepping easier and faster.

Perfect after-sales service

LAIJUHM provides a 12-month replacement service and lifelong friendly after-sales service. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Package: 1 x multi-purpose vegetable cutter; 1 x slicing blade(one blade cuts two thicknesses); 2 x julienne blades; 1 x cleaning brush; 1 x operating instructions.


Multifunctional Vegetable Slicer Mandolin Slicer Adjustable | Safe Veggie Slicer and Chopper | Safe Slice Upright Mandolin With Multi Moving Blades

Keep your fingers safe!
Have you ever been cut yourself by an ordinary julienne mandolin slicer?
The unique design of the LAIJUHM food mandoline slicer prevents your hand from getting close to the built-in blade, -No more worrying about slicing off your fingers!
Such a practical kitchen gadget, take it home.


Easier and more efficient than other mandoline!-Save Your Cooking Time:
The unique pressing design of the LAIJUHM Vegetable Chopper makes it easier and more efficient to complete the slicing work. From fancy salads to picture-perfect sides, create dishes with restaurant-style preparation in the comfort of your own home. This Foldable Easy Storage vegetable mandoline slicer is an ideal addition to your kitchen and cooking accessories or a practical gifts for people who like to cook.

Safe and Durable Materials:
Our kitchen slicer is made of food grade ABS, BPA free, non-toxic and odorless. 4 interchangeable blades are made of high quality stainless steel. These blades are very sharp, durable and not prone to rust. Food chopper slicer can use for multiple shape fruits and vegetables.
NOTE: If you’re going to use it to chop some big fruits or vegetables, you may need to cut it into halves or quarters to make it fit slicer without breaking.

Easy to Install, Remove and Clean:
This kitchen mandoline slicer is simple to install. It is also very easy to disassemble the slicer after using it. If you need to clean mandolin cutter, just rinse it with water or put it in the dishwasher and there will be no residue. It comes with a cleaning brush to clean the debris from the slicer more effectively.
NOTE: Be careful when cleaning the blades. Keep the mandoline slicer chopper away from children.

58 reviews for Vegetable Slicer Cutter & Chopper for Kitchen, with 3 type of blades

  1. Angel C

    Cuts through potatoes quickly.

    I got this for frying potatoes and chipping carrots for stews.Capacity wise this holds about one potato before you need to empty it into something.This was easy to operate, and clean, the included base/storage container is great, has a lid, it’s heavy and has a great non slip base, the machine itself fits perfectly inside but by the end of the session the hinge had become loose on the legs. This was quick to cut through and make lines from some normal sized potatoes. Cleaning was simple as little amounts of potato got around the place but they easily cleared out due to the open design. The instructions mention the clear parts being fragile and they are, while washing the machine I sort of dropped the clear vegetable guide and it cracked in half on the top despite not falling far, it did not affect the next days carrot cutting but yeah it could have been much worse if it were attached to the machine or fell further.

  2. Barbie JBarbie J

    Superb Quality!

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     This mandoline is a gift for my brother and sister-in-law. They love it – it works great! With the 4 different blades you’re able to slice and even create julienne style slices of several sizes. This is most efficient with smaller food items like vegetables and fruits. It’s very easy to use and clean. Great quality!

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  3. Fidel

    Easy to use and lightweight.

    This slicer is so easy to use and clean up is easier. It works really good for all my veggies. Cuts them really great. I highly recommend this product for you kitchen needs.

  4. Kaley Ariel

    Time Saver!!!

    This Safe Mandoline Slicer for Kitchen 4-in-1Chopper saves me amount of time on food prep and is EASY TO CLEAN!!I like the variety in settings. I’ve cut cucumbers, potatoes, onions, carrots and cheese with no problem so far.Highly recommend! SAFE in hand and much better than those old style slicers!!

  5. Biker Mama

    Love it!

    Got rid of my mandolin for this and I couldn’t be any happier. I actually use it more and not afraid to slice my fingers

  6. michael McAlister

    Great product!

    My 10 year old daughter had this on her birthday wish list so we bought it for her. It’s great for her to use and I don’t have to worry about her slicing her fingers. Sturdy and works great.

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  7. Schwarma

    Easy to use

    Easy to put together and works great.

  8. An AmazonCustomer

    Safe but not the most practical

    While this device is safer than other mandolins, it does not julienne veggies well. You have to cut it into smaller pieces (.5” thick, 1” height at most) then put it through. If you leave the veggies longer or thicker, it automatically dices it. Doing so defeats the purpose of saving time so you might as well not purchase and julienne yourself by hand.

  9. John B Hults

    We love it so easy and safe

    We have all the big machines to do this but this takes no time to set up and take down easy to clean I’m bed ridden and I can even help out in my bed with this thank you for letting me help

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  10. Cyreathia Reyer

    Works great

    Works great makes life easier. Ordered two. One for the house and one for the camper

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  11. K Bolz

    Safe and Sturdy!

    Love how safe and sturdy this chopper is! My 11 yr old can even use the slicer with ease!!!

  12. weiyunliweiyunli

    easy for you kitchen

    This item is a must have for your kitchen. I used it two days after I bought it to make salsa and it cut my at least 30 minute salsa making time down to 5 min. I also sliced tomatoes and avocados for the burgers up in no time. I love it already. The cleaning takes a little time because you have to make sure each slot is clean and you have to be careful because the blades are sharp but its definitely worth it! Like I said fresh out the box it works like a charm!

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  13. Lainie D

    Surprisingly Fun and Easy to Use/Clean

    I’ve bought vegetable slicers in the past that weren’t so great and always nicked my knuckles when I got too close to the blade.However, this one makes me happy! It’s on a spring so it’s super easy to use and slice.It also comes with something you can put behind the vegetables once it gets down to a few inches so you don’t cut your knuckles. So that’s awesome.There’s also a variety of sizes, so you can have cucumber slices OR you can shred some carrot for a salad.It’s also REAL easy to clean. I was pleasantly surprised that it came with a brush to help clean the blades.Even still, didn’t take long.Overall a great product that I’m glad to have purchased

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  14. Ryan

    Good purchase

    I immediately gave this chopper a try after I had received it, and it worked really well when cutting potatoes! I love that it has different blades so it can meet different cooking needs. Quality seems good, and it’s sturdy enough. I’m so happy with the purchase!

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  15. paulapaula

    It’s faster and safer than the old style slicer.

    This slicer is so safe, even my 10 year old can do it safely. Just simply push the handle to cut so your fingers won’t be near the blades.Need to aware that if shredding the carrots into long matchstick, you need to precut it to the size that can fed into the size of the slicer (ref to the picture 1). you can slice or cut to different thickness. Easy to clean the blade with a brush.Unlike the old style slicer, it wouldn’t have anything left on the slicer. My family all like this standup slicer because It’s faster and safer than the old style slicer.

  16. Michelle N.Michelle N.

    Best little Kitchen gadget I’ve found in a long time.

    Quick to set up and easy to use. Clean up is a breeze. I like all the time it saves me when I have a lot of prep work for a meal. The product is very sturdy and does not take up much room in the kitchen.

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  17. Sami & EvaSami & Eva

    Very easy to use

    My family haven’t had shredded potatoes for a while cause no one want to cut the potatoes hahaha. But we make shredded potatoes and shredded carrot very easy using this product! Amazing! Recommend for every family:)

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  18. Amazon Customer

    Finally, a safe mandolin!

    It’s so easy to use and to clean. I love it because it safely slices whereas I have sliced the top of my thumb off on a regular mandolin. It cuts cleanly and easily. I wish I’d had one years ago.

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  19. Lauro R.


    Its great and saves a lot of time but need more sizes to cut with….

  20. lulu.p

    Easy to use

    I had a mandolin slicer before but I cut my font so I bought this one. It’s very safe and easy to use. It also came with a brush, which makes is easy to clean.

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  21. DrennaGurl


    I love this veggie chopper. We snack on cucumbers and carrots a lot in our house and hand cutting them is strenuous. Please be careful and make sure to use the gray thing that pushes the veggies down. I almost lost a finger.

    3 people found this helpful

  22. weilin

    Easy to use

    What a amazing product! Very easy to use! I cut the shredded carrots so fast and never cut my finger again! I love it

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  23. JC



  24. Kelly L. Andresen

    I love it!

    Amazing for making zucchini chips! It is really well designed to avoid cutting yourself, which is a bonus. Takes some effort to spray it out while cleaning, but it’s worth it.

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  25. shar

    Works great

    Very easy to use. Works great. Washes easily

  26. Mery


    Fácil de usar

  27. Sony

    Safe and easy to use

    This vegetable cutter save my time on preparing food as well as improving the look of my dishes. The set up is easy and do need to push very hard to get the vegetable went down. The four dicers give me options and add fun to cooking. Easy to storage in the draw as it described. But do be careful when washing dicers.

  28. Hashem Nassereddine

    Perfect appliance for the kitchen

    I initially bought this slicer as a sort of impulse buy but after using it for a couple of weeks I am incredibly impressed with how easy to use and how versatile it is. You can use it for vegetables or fruits and it always makes very smooth and thin slices. It’s also pretty compact so you don’t need to worry about it taking up too much space.

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  29. Fiona

    Very simple to use

    The product is very easy to use. The set up didn’t take long although I was confused on how to put one piece on at first, but I had it on soon. It saves a lot of time when I have several different vegetables to cut up for a recipe. It’s a good time saver and the various dicers that come with it are fun to use. Nice one

  30. chad cordie

    Gets dull fast

    Dulls fast

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  31. May Day

    An excellent tool!

    After getting an air fryer and an electric wok I needed something which would slice veggies faster (and without cutting fingers!). I bought this via Amazon Warehouse and was impressed with how well designed it was and how sturdy it was when set up.

  32. Daniel Santelli

    Great chopper

    I really like when I get to give a positive review. This chopper/slicer gets good reviews for a reason… it works! The blade is sharp and the 3 different size attachments will suit most everyone’s needs. It cleans up easy too. If I were to change one thing, I’d have the movable, foldable leg lock in place more securely without moving. You just have to hold the unit firmly while in use. That said, I still give it 5 stars!

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  33. Maggie

    Love it

    I have used this product several times. it is a great product and feels safe, easy to use,and work great, saves much time in the kitchen,it is so much better than cutting by hand。

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  34. Customer

    Love it

    I found using this vegetable/fruit slicer was a big time saver. Used it for slicing potatoes, pickles, tomatoes, carrots, onions, and carrots so far. I’m sure it will be great with fruits as well.

  35. ViviVivi

    Suitable for every family

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     This vegetable cutter is very convenient and easy to use, it can cut all kinds of fruits and vegetables very quickly. But its modes is a little bit less, if you can choose a few more modes, it will be more perfect!

    2 people found this helpful

  36. Kathy

    No more skined up fingers

    I just love how easy this is, I’m no longer afraid I’m cut or scrap my fingers. So easy to clean and store in my cabinet.

  37. LaTosha Sears

    Does the job

    It can get away from you as you get to chopping if you don’t hold on to it. Not dishwasher safe also a bummer

  38. MelissaC

    Replaced a 25 year old model

    Amazing what 25 years of improvements can do to product. This is safer, faster and easier to clean than my old mandolin. You need it.

  39. Kent Tran

    Time saver

    It was a good product. You can easily cut vegetables with this tool. A great and time saver for anyone who wants to live healthy.

  40. Brenda Kemp

    Works great

    I like it

  41. Nuk

    Safer than regular mandolins

    A much safer type of mandolin. I stopped using our mandolin because of some close calls. This is quite easy to use. My only complaint is that it is a bit small. You still need to cut the onion or other vegetables to fit into the orifice. Cleaning is just like any other mandolins.

  42. Leo

    Ofrece comodidad en la cocina

    Buen trabajo y rapidez

  43. Amazon Customer


    smaller than I thought but good

  44. L. Poirier

    Handy Item

    My Mother (RIP) was obsessed with finding the perfect mandolin. I think she would have loved this. It’s very handy and easy to clean. I only wish the compartment was bigger so I could use it to make sweet potato treats for my dogs.

  45. Barbie J

    Great Kitchen Gadget! Safe and User-Friendly

    I absolutely recommend this slicer! I got rid of my old one because I literally slice my fingers one too many times. (I’m somewhat of a clutz in the kitchen). This is fabulous! The accessories are very good; everything is easy to clean and it folds so it doesn’t take up much space to store. Love it!

    2 people found this helpful

  46. Niretva

    Great product

    very sturdy, easy clean with a brush, when you put the blade in push a little and you will feel it click in, love this and would recommend

    5 people found this helpful

  47. SisikyouScojSisikyouScoj

    Easy-to-use, fun, handy slicer that produces impressive results

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     I’d been meaning to pick up one of these mandolins for a long time and am so glad I ordered this.As you can see by the unpacking photo—it comes in a few pieces but is very easily assembled. You get different cartridges—they slip right in, they made me think of minidiscs or something. The blade is in the device itself, but it’s recessed and makes this very safe. There are four different options, as you can see in the vendor’s photos—slice in two different thicknesses or create shredded vegetables or sticks.The video shows my very first attempt at using this, and just how quick and easy it is. I am a fan of home-baked potato chips, and doing that with a knife is difficult. Different thicknesses, safety issues—See the bandage on my finger? That was from slicing vegetables two nights before this arrived!—and a mess. As you can see, this took less than a couple of minutes and the slices were perfect! (They baked perfectly, too, as they were all the same thickness.) It worked great on carrots and celery, as well.Cleanup and disassembly also takes just seconds, and the very handy bin that comes with it allows you to store the vegetable slices until you’re ready to cook them or munch on them. Plus, this collapses for very easy storage. Although I may just leave this out on the counter because I will be using it very often.One note about the video: I said this is a “four-star” product—I was overexcited about how easy it was to use it and I did mean the top rating. This is five stars for sure.This is one of the most exciting (and fun!) additions to my kitchen since sliced … vegetables! 🙂

  48. Joan W.

    Perfect mandoline slicer!!

    I’ve waited for the perfect mandoline slicer and I’ve finally found it. Well made with everything you need. I love the included bowl for storage!!

  49. Phoenix_Kang

    Good Product

    Very good product. I put it on the cutting board directly instead of in the container and tried it on yellow potatoes with the julienne module. It worked very well. Easy assembling and steady frame.

    8 people found this helpful

  50. Nitoly

    Sweet set up…and SIMPLE

    I really like this slicer. It is straight-forward, extemely effective and easy to set up and take down and put away! Nice heavy duty storage container included. I like that you control the speed and pressure of blade. The shoot is very nice and easy to use!

    2 people found this helpful

  51. LaRee

    Please to use!!!

    It’s such a pleasure to use. Not sure it would be worth it for just little bits. But making 5-6 Cups at a time so worth it.

  52. Mayra Montano

    Útil y práctico

    Fácil de usar,fácil de limpiar,la cuchilla mejor es solo una la de cortar en rebanadas pero me sirve para cortar mis pepinos rápidamente

  53. anon

    Simple easy and inexpensive

    This does a fantastic job chopping veggies without plugs and huge monstrous machines. I wanted something simple and not alot of room to storeSafe with blade away from fingers. I recommend to all my friends

  54. Iris

    Very convenient

    The quality is good. It is easy to set up and use. It really helps when I cook. I am very willing to recommend it.

    6 people found this helpful

  55. Parmila

    Great help for meal prep

    This is an excellent quality chopper. It is easy to use and significantly decreases the time I spend chopping vegetables. I highly recommend it.

    5 people found this helpful

  56. Sunny jones

    Different spin on mandolin

    Interesting spin on a mandolin! You move the blade not the food. Its cool! Works well and the blades are sharp I feel like its safer than the others that have hand guards that don’t work.

    One person found this helpful

  57. JohnMS

    You will save on cost of band-aids

    This keeps your digits far from the blade. I feel it’s actually more accurate with the slope that helps keep the vegetables sliding into the chopper.I do find that the spring, as the blade returns to position, can throw chunks away from the bowl. Also small pieces can find their way into small channels.

  58. Jerry davis

    very warm

    make cutting very easy

    2 people found this helpful

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Vegetable Slicer Cutter & Chopper for Kitchen, with 3 type of blades
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